Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Henry Crown Hall

Program Note

The word “Fanfare” in the title alludes to another work with the same title, written by Paul Ben Haim to celebrate the creation of the state of Israel. However, the compositional “gestalt” of this work is quite different. Underneath what seems like a festive beginning of yet another celebratory flourish, is a famous tune taken from an Israeli popular song by Eviatar Banai. The song, titled “A chance to survive,” is widely familiar in Israel, and the quotation is intended to shed a cynical or somewhat dark light on the entire “Fanfare.” In this sense, my use of Banai’s melody in the work was inspired by Ives’s use of Stephen Foster’s tunes. The popular tune slowly reveals itself over the course of the piece, culminating in a grand brass chorale towards the end.
–Matti Kovler


Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Omer M. Wellber (conductor)