Freisinger Chamber Orchestra, Peter Freisinger – conductor

Program Note

Nineveh, commissioned by the Freisinger Chamber Orchestra in Boston, was triggered by a catch phrase I remember reading in an Israeli newspaper during the Israel-Lebanon 2006 war: “When the missiles whistle, even the jellyfish flee,” wrote an observant reporter, whose name unfortunately escapes me.

It was true. During the summer of 2006, the jellyfish, whose presence is as usual of an irritation for Haifa beach goers as some of the actions of our government, decided to miraculously skip the Haifa environs on their usual raid through the Mediterranean, and not show up. This quiet jellyfish boycott, coupled with the feeling of uncertainty, frustration, or a somewhat illusive hope, is the inspiration behind this work.

Matti Kovler


Freisinger Chamber Orchestra, Conductor:
Peter Freisinger


“Matti's piece was my favorite”
Elizabeth Akerstein

…Matti’s piece was my favorite, though of course you can’t go
wrong with Haydn or Mozart either. There was something about his piece that was beautifully eerie, impending on doom and dissonance… yet somehow comforting.