Opera & Music Theatre

Choral Music & Songs

Children’s Songs
The Wonderful Journey of Uncle Max
Leaves (2008)

for mezzo soprano and p-no

Duration: 5'
America (2007)

for voice, piano and third-stream ensemble

Duration: 25'
And when it rested, he said “Return, O Lord”
And when it rested, he said “Return, O Lord” (2007)

for women choir

Duration: 4'
The Soul Descends
The Soul Descends / Solo


Film / Dance / Theatre

Like a fish without water
Like a fish without water (2004)
Yossi (2004)
Santa Maria
Santa Maria (2004)

Chamber Music

Clarinet Quintet
Shoresh Nishmat
Wergeland’s Flower
Spiral Fugato
Spiral Fugato (2007)

for string quartet

Duration: 5'
Schtuchki (2009-2011)

for fl, v-la and vibr; for vibr solo; for vibr & p-no

Duration: 6', 5', 10'
Music for Kaprizma
Music for Kaprizma (1998)

for cl, ob, bn, strings, perc

Duration: 15'
Birds and Elephants Dancing
Birds and Elephants Dancing (2010)

for fl, cl, strings, perc, p-no

Duration: 10'
Duos at Miss Hall’s
Duos at Miss Hall’s (2008)

for cl & hn; fl & vcl; vln & db; vln & vla

Duration: 2', 2', 3', 2'
The Unbearable Lightness
The Hedgehog Sings A Lullaby To The Moon
The Hedgehog Sings A Lullaby To The Moon 2013

from “Hedgehog in the Fog” (Russian: Ёжик в тумане), a 1975 Russian animation directed by Yuriy Norshteyn

Duration: 5'
Wa-Edah Mah
Hajdu’s Niggun
Deliver To The Winds

Jewish Music