Opera & Music Theatre

Here Comes Messiah!
The Escape Of Jonah
La Testa Di Santa Caterina
Who Stood Upon Mount Horev
Who Stood Upon Mount Horev (2010)

music theatre for counter-tenor, acc, p-no, db, electronics

Duration: 18'
Three After Midnight
Three After Midnight (2010)

for narrator/pianist, soprano, choir, sax quartet, hrn, t-ba, perc, electr.

Duration: 15'
Ami and Tami
The Seekers of Light
The Seekers of Light 2014


Duration: '45
The Drumf and the Rhinegold
The Drumf and the Rhinegold 2016

The Drumf and the Rhinegold

Duration: 15

Choral Music & Songs

Children’s Songs
The Wonderful Journey of Uncle Max
Leaves (2008)

for mezzo soprano and p-no

Duration: 5'
America (2007)

for voice, piano and third-stream ensemble

Duration: 25'
And when it rested, he said “Return, O Lord”
And when it rested, he said “Return, O Lord” (2007)

for women choir

Duration: 4'
The Soul Descends


Film / Dance / Theatre

Like a fish without water
Like a fish without water (2004)
Yossi (2004)
Santa Maria
Santa Maria (2004)

Chamber Music

Clarinet Quintet
Shoresh Nishmat
Wergeland’s Flower
Spiral Fugato
Spiral Fugato (2007)

for string quartet

Duration: 5'
Schtuchki (2009-2011)

for fl, v-la and vibr; for vibr solo; for vibr & p-no

Duration: 6', 5', 10'
Music for Kaprizma
Music for Kaprizma (1998)

for cl, ob, bn, strings, perc

Duration: 15'
Birds and Elephants Dancing
Birds and Elephants Dancing (2010)

for fl, cl, strings, perc, p-no

Duration: 10'
Duos at Miss Hall’s
Duos at Miss Hall’s (2008)

for cl & hn; fl & vcl; vln & db; vln & vla

Duration: 2', 2', 3', 2'
The Unbearable Lightness
The Hedgehog Sings A Lullaby To The Moon
The Hedgehog Sings A Lullaby To The Moon 2013

from “Hedgehog in the Fog” (Russian: Ёжик в тумане), a 1975 Russian animation directed by Yuriy Norshteyn

Duration: 5'
Wa-Edah Mah
Hajdu’s Niggun
Deliver To The Winds

Jewish Music

Kulmus Ha-Nefesh
Kulmus Ha-Nefesh (2004)

with Ha’Oman Hai Ensemble

Duration: 60'
The Floating Tower
The Floating Tower 

with Ha’Oman Hai Ensemble

New Yiddish Song Book
Beyond The Fiddler On The Roof
Beyond The Fiddler On The Roof 
The Soul Descends
The Soul Descends 
Honey And Thorns (A Tribute to Israeli Song)
Honey And Thorns (A Tribute to Israeli Song) 2014

a cabaret evening of Israeli songs in original arrangements

Duration: '90
Secrets of Dawn
Secrets of Dawn 
Secrets of Dawn
Secrets of Dawn 2015

a musical installation with music, poetry, dance and video-art inspired by the mystery of Dawn

Duration: 70'